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E-Commerce system. THAIEPAY has divided services into 2 main types as indicated below.

Our Shopping Mall service is suitable for users who want a complete e-commerce system. This service consists of all e-commerce functions such as online shop, shopping cart system, online payment system via credit card.

You only have ideas and products for selling online. And then, you can open online shop with us instantly. This service is suitable for

  • Those who want to sell products online but not know how to start
  • Those who want to save budgets for processing both website and online payment system
  • Those who look for more convenient and professional in running online business

Online Business with Online Payment

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Our eModules service is suitable for user that already has a website but is looking for online payment system or booking system to fulfill the business. eModules is divided according to users’ needs and business types. This service is suitable for

  • Those who already have websites with shopping cart system or booking system
  • Those who need online payment system and quick process for installation and connection
  • Those who have high skills in programming or have programmer taking care of website

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